Sunday, December 13, 2009

Busy busy busy!

I admit it.
I have sucked at keeping up with blogging the past few weeks, but everything has been happening so fast! And then when I do get a moment of quiet, I want to enjoy it!

But enough is enough. Here is some quality blog:

During college I used to hang out with Maria and Curt all the time and play Wii or board games or just roam around the city, but now they live so far away that I hardly get to see them, let alone just chill with them. Miraculously, I got 3 days off in a row and I went to Jeff City last weekend to visit Maria, Curt & Anna! And I had a BLAST!! Here's the weekend in a nutshell:
-chocolate chip cookies
-spiced wine (de-lish!)
-Mario Wii games
-HUGE scoops of ice cream in the cold of winter
-Trivial pursuit
-Winter Wonderland
-Homemade pizza (also de-lish!)
-An abundance of downtime (ie: napping, sitting, lounging, etc.)
-more wine (yum!)
-Quality time with some of my favorite people :)

I also got to play with Anna who is a very energetic and funny two year old! She also dances adorably in the kitchen. Here is she in her dance attire:

A little bit more on the Winter Wonderland. A man decorates the entire outside of his house, windows and garage with Christmas decorations. Crazy, right? There's a nativity scene, an entire little figurine village (with a train station, air port, post office and city hall) encased in glass, a talking Santa figure, singing angels, a moo'ing cow, and more! You can check out some of the pic I took below.