Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Good Stuff

Kenney Chesney has a song about it. Cornbread has a segment on his radio show every week about. It's the Good Stuff. Not the diamond necklaces. Not the Ferrari's. Not the $100 bottle of Scotch.
It's the little things. Finding a 20 dollar bill in your pocket. Having just enough milk left in the carton for your bowl of cereal in the morning. Getting mail that isn't a bill. You know, the good stuff. Here's my good stuff for the day:

Arriving at work to find a present from my boss sitting at my desk.

My boss sending the whole office home at 2:30pm the day before Christmas Eve :o)

Driving home while the sun is out!

[This was not from today's drive...but cows are good too!]

The weather forecast saying we'll have a white Christmas

[Anna getting ready for the snow]

Lot of blankets to snuggle under at night.

My dog actually sleeping next to me, feeling her paws on my back when I roll over in the middle of the night, and her ever faithfully by my side when I wake again in the morning

Dog tricks.

Silly pictures.

Merry Christmas, everyone and enjoy your good stuff this weekend!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

A Messy Little Blog Posting

Caution: This post is about dog poop and domestic chores.

After some much needed rest, I awoke this morning to Corgi droppings on my carpeted bedroom floor. The first few thoughts that ran through my head are as follows:

1) How did I not smell that?
2) Why does she not look guilty?
3) Is Elphie sick?
4) Is she going to be pooping all day?
5) I'm never having carpeted floors again.
6) Cleaning this up is going to delay me from reading Postsecret. Dang it!

As I cleaned up the dropping with much pet stain remover and many, many paper towels (sorry Mother Earth!), I decided that I would multi-task and start the dish washer so I had some clean dishes to eat my breakfast off of. Once the droppings were cleaned up, I moved onto sweeping the bathroom, and then the kitchen. As soon as I got to the kitchen, I saw that my sinks were filled with smelly, grey water. I'm pretty thrifty, but I don't know how to fix these kind of things. So what do I do? I turn off the dishwasher, and voilĂ ! The sink drains. Slightly worried and still cautious, I restart the dishwasher and it's been fine since.

All this and it's only noon. Eeek!