Sunday, May 29, 2011

Hello, Goodbye May!

Life has been...busy. To say the least, therefore, I haven't had as much time as I'd like to dedicate to blogging. I've had a quite a few projects at work to complete, my birthday came and went (yay lower insurance rates!), and made a trip to the OH-IO for my BFF's wedding, and now it's magically Memorial Day Weekend....time sure does fly!

For my birthday, I had a pretty typical day, most of which was spent working - ah, adulthood. How I've never looked forward to you! But, I got a cake and card at work, and came home to a house filled with balloons!!! (My boyfriend is brilliant, btw). Not only were there balloons scattered through the house, we tied balloons to the animals collars and got to watch as they meandered around the house. Now this may not seem fun or entertaining to most, but boyfriend and I took much amusement from watching balloons move on their own throughout the house. We then later went to Steak & Sirloin, for some yummy food. The food was pretty good (I had a tasty ribeye, while boyfriend enjoyed the chicken alfredo), but the staff was a little creepy. The waiter didn't come to our table for about 15 minutes after we sat down, and in the mean time, the hostess and manager both came over to the table offering drinks and just generally hovered over our table. Once we received our food, everyone left us alone and we devoured a delicious meal!

Celebrating my birthday, Sides family style!

My actual birthday, with some of my balloons!

Then 2 days after my birthday, Elphie and I road tripped to Ohio for Christen's wedding! It was a very busy time, but wonderful to be there for Christen leading up to and during the ceremony. Though there were a few minor hiccups over the weekend (boyfriend missed his flight, schedule coordination issues, the groom was fighting off a cold, and a bridesmaid's dress didn't get picked up and we didn't find this out until a few hours before the wedding), everything turned out well, the wedding was wonderful and Christen made a beautiful bride!

Christen & I at her bachelorette party!

The ceremony!

It weather was pretty warm that day, and as you can see, Christen & I were quite hot in our dresses.

In my rare downtime, I've been reading Water for Elephants, which has been a great read thus far. Once completed, I hope to see the movie, but when purchasing the book I was told by the Borders cashier "It's not as good as the book". Um, duh. That's usually how it works.
Hopefully, I can get another knitting project going once complete with the book. I have yet to finish the socks I was trying to knit, but I've also got play practices starting soon, so hopefully I can knock those socks out then!

Have a safe and peaceful Memorial Day weekend!!