Monday, May 25, 2009

Wedding Weekend

Happy Memorial Day everyone! This weekend has been busy, but a good time was had by all. Saturday was Aaron's sister's wedding so here are some pictures from the event.

Bride and Groom and their parents kissing outside the temple

Aaron and I at the ring ceremony/reception. The ceremony was held at Rock Creek Gardens and the weather couldn't have been more perfect. And check out that sweet dress!

The ring ceremony

Cake time

And of course we decorated the car. The mother of the bride came to check our progress with wine glass in hand. While standing next to this window, someone handed her a blown up condom. This picture is priceless.

Enjoy the weather this weekend. Until next time...

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Knitting Machine Strikes Again

I finished my hat! It's a modified version of the Felicity hat which is very hipster but with a bit of my own style thrown in, and it only took me 3 days to make! I used sizes 5 and 7 circular needles for the hat and instead of purling the first round for the brim to roll up, I knit 13 rounds of seed stitching to make a cool design. All-in-all, I think it turned out very well! Especially since this is the yarn I tried to use for the two failed hats I mentioned in a previous post. Third time really is a charm!
Also, I splurged and bought eye shadow in a new, funky color, which happens to match my hat. Normally I don't venture to try new eye shadows, but I saw the idea in the April issue of InStyle Magazine (part of my journey to dress and look my age) and decided to give it a whirl. Just apply dark blue eyeliner thickly to upper and lower lids, smudge it with a brush, apply Revlon's Venetian Blue eyeshadow over the eyeliner, slap on some mascara and voila! A new look in seconds. Score. Here's some pics so check me out. No, seriously, check me out. [Thais link takes you to where that exact quote is said on the page; a website I used to frequent in high school and a specific quote I use to this day. It's pretty funny if you have some time to kill, but has nothing to do with make up.]
Until next time...

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Bert and Ernie Ante Up

This video always makes my day better. Warning: there's some profanity. If you have kiddos or parents in the room, I suggest you put on headphones or wait till they leave. Then blast it as loud as your speakers go. And make sure you wear your helmet, cause it's gonna blow your mind.

Monday, May 18, 2009


My new camera finally arrived, HOOOORAY!! And now for some random pics taken today....

Elphie and I having a serious talk

Show me your GRILL!

This was taken with my phone camera before my real camera arrived in the was too cute to pass up

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Friday, May 15, 2009

Found it.

I found my dress for the wedding today! I had some time to kill this afternoon so I decided to take a second run at the dress shopping. I went to Macy's first and didn't find much in the way of dresses, so I started looking at colored cardigans for one of my black dresses and right before I went into the dressing room, I saw a cute grey dress with ruffles down the chest. I tried on the dress and Presto! it was perfect so I bought it. I thought it was on sale for $20, but after ringing up at the register, turns out the dress was SEVEN dollars. Thats right, $7. I already have black heels to wear with it along with jewelery, so for seven dollars, I'm ready to go to a wedding.
It looks similar to this, but my dress has short-sleeves, it has no turtle neck, and it looks WAY hotter cause its on me :)

I'll post a better picture when my new camera arrives in the mail. Speaking of which, I'm getting a new camera for my birthday! My old one broke and for the past couple months, I've felt naked without it constantly at my side and I asked for a newer, more sturdy camera (preferrably one that's klumsy-proof for people like me!) Aaron, being the wonderful boyfriend he is, bought this awesome camera as my birthday present:

This wonderful piece of machinery was purchased from for $175. Everywhere else we looked, the camera cost at least 100 dollars more, so it's certainly a GREAT buy.

All-in-all, its been a good day. Until next time friends...

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Adventures in Puppy Sitting & Etsy

His name is Zeus. Aaron's dad got a chocolate lab puppy for his birthday this weekend and since I have no real job I need to be attending to during the day, I got to puppy sit Zeus today. Now, you think this would be an easy task, and you're right-it's not rocket science, but it was a challenge. (I don't know how parents handle children all day, everyday, without losing their sanity. Kudos to all the parents out there). Elphie and the new pup are bff's, most of the time, but I think the pup was getting on her nerves today. After running around and banging into furniture all morning, the puppies did not let up on the activity, till about mid afternoon when Elphie was done having a new bff. She growled and showed her fangs at the pup for trying to take her bone and other chew toys-definitely child's play, but nontheless startling when I'm job hunting in the quiet of my own room. (Speaking of job hunting, I have a phone interview tomorrow afternoon so keep your fingers crossed for me!) Elphie was also very upset that I gave even the slightest bit of attention to another dog; what a jealous little dog! Aside from the chew toy fueds and the attention battles between him and my pup, it was an amusing day watching the clumspy little dog become more aware of his surroundings. It was even funnier to watch him wrestle around with Elphie, start to learn her weaknesses and then use them against her. They are both fighters, let me tell you...
After a long day, Elphie is now completely worn out as you can see...

Aside from much puppy chaos, I have been wasting my day away online finding many things I want and should not buy because I don't have a job (...yet). But you know those unfindable, gotta have items? The ones that you can never find or are never in season when you have the funds to purchase them, but are found in mass quanities when your bank account is running low? That's what I've been finding ALL DAY. It's super-frustrating, isn't it? If you have time, but not money to waste, do NOT, I repeat, do NOT visit Etsy. People have been raving about the site on their blogs and so I thought I should check it out. Why not, right? It sucks you in instantly! It has the most awesome, unique, adorable, handmade anythings you could ever want or need. But if you're like me and pretend you can buy whatever you want because you've been in search of these somethings for what seems like an eternity, then by all means, visit the site! It's wonderful, creative, and you can find all sorts of things on there; clothes, shoes, dolls, furniture, pottery-you name it and they probably have it. But don't say I didn't warn you.
Here's just a sample of some of the absolutely adorable purses I've found today and have had to convince myself that I don't really need. That's really hard to do. Just look at them!

And here

You see what I mean? As soon as I get a job, I'm buying one of these purses. In the meantime, I'm going to go to sleep and have dreams of dancing around with these adorable bags in arm. Be careful at that site my friends. Until next time...

BTW-You can also sell your own handmade crafts on Etsy. If you knit, do woodwork, sew, or have any other handmade craft and are would like to make some profit, you can check out the How to Sell on Etsy page and sell your finished products. It's wonderful.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A Shopping Revelation

It recently sunk in that I'm going to Aaron's sister's wedding in 2 weeks. Since it's a very religious ceremony, I need to dress accordingly. Yesterday I was hunting around at Ross and found an amazing beautiful dress that was a deep purple at the top with a square "diamond" in the middle and as the dress continued down it slowly faded to black. Gorgeous and under $30. The only problem: the top of it was a very low cut-not skanky, but not "appropriate". So I spent the rest of the day hunting around the nearby mall, hoping to find a higher cut dress that was at or around the same price. I got nothing. After going to EVERY shop in the mall (there are quite a few, let me tell you...) that could possibly have a dress and trying on every dress that might have looked nice (even the expensive ones), I called it quits for the day in the actual retail stores. I later came home and hunted for dresses online and I realized the most peculiar thing; while searching the categories online, if the site didn't have "dresses", I looked under "dressy" and found many sites with jeans and t-shirts under that category. WHAT?! After 22 years of being told that jeans t-shirts are not dressy, they suddenly are? Maybe I'm just getting old, but I was very confused and decided to looked under EVERY category on EVERY website I visited, just in case the perfect dress was hiding somwhere. And voila! I found many dresses and skirts and other pretty accessories under the "Wear to work" categories. Who woulda thought?
Unfortunately, even though I found the key to more online options, I haven't found anything I'd like to wear to the wedding. I'll probably head out to Tacoma tomorrow and see if there isn't anything better over there. One can only hope...
Until next time...

Monday, May 11, 2009

I'm a knitting MACHINE!

I've had knitting revelation: knitting with circular needles is SO easy. Once I learned to knit, I only knitted two projects with regular knitting needles. The other um-teen million projects I've made with circular and double pointed needles and almost forgot what it was like to knit with regular needles until the other night. I was teaching myself how to knit a cable pattern and used regular needles and it was SUCH a hassle. The needles were long, awkward to hold, and I was shocked at how weird it felt to use those needles. I guess that means I'm just a natural at making circular projects (ie: hats, socks-even though I haven't tried those yet, but I've got a good feeling about it).

Speaking for circular projects, I made ANOTHER hat!
And its bright green! (shocking, right?)

It's not for me, believe it or not, but I could definitely pull it off if it was mine...

It's for someone I worked with this spring. I've made a very similar hat for myself and someone else I worked with during the spring, but those were fuzzy and multi-colored. All three of them have turned out well and I keep revising the pattern as I go along and it just keeps getting better :)

My next knitting project is going to be a combination of hat styles and hopefully it will turn out how I want it. I'll keep ya posted. And then maybe I'll try my hand at a pair of socks. I'm also thinking about knitting a many choices and so much time to try it all! Can't stop this knitting machine!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Jigga what?

Since I've been back from Florida, I've realized that I need to dress my age just a little bit more. I have a really cool Dr. Suess shirt and some other silly t-shirts that I like, but they're not really the typical clothing of an almost 23 year old female. So I'm attempting to modernize my wardrobe, or at least cut back on wearing the "childish" clothing until I get a job and can just replace my old clothes with "better" ones. 
And along with the clothes, comes the hair. Y'all know that I have crazy, and, at times, out of control hair so I've been experimenting with different ways of blow-drying my hair. Straightening always adds a few years, and I've even tried curling. Note to anyone with curly hair-SPONGE CURLERS SUCK! I slept with curlers in my hair one night and the next morning I looked like a crazy landlord with all my hair and curls stuck to my head. I DON'T recommend it. What I do recommend for those of us with curly or frizzy hair (or both!) is Bed Head Foxy Curls. It detangles curls and gets rid of static so you don't look like you stuck your finger in a socket...every day. It's worked really well for me and I've seen a definite decrease in frizz. My hair is FINALLY smoooooooth :) So be on the lookout for a KG looking her own age..dun dun dun!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Rain, Rain, GO AWAY!

Good evening ladies and gents! 

It has not stopped raining in the Pacific Northwest since Saturday and I am about to go crazy if I don't get some sunshine SOON! No matter where we go, it still seems to rain. Aaron and I went to visit his hometown in Eastern Oregon last Thursday and just got back today and it rained there and the majority of the ride home. The trip could have been less rainy, but nonetheless it was a good time. We checked out Hot Lake Springs Hotel in La Grande, which used to be a really hopping hotel/surgical center in the early 1900's. Apparently the sulfur in natural springs were good for people and are now used as a spa treatment. In the mid 1930's, a fire burnt down half the building and the other half shut down, became run down and supposedly, "haunted". A family came in about 6 years ago, bought the property, and have been rebuilding the place ever since and are hoping to reopen the doors for hotel and a full spa and salon plus much more in the next year or so. Right now they're open for tours, so we went and checked it out. There was some pretty neat stuff and their wine isn't too bad either :) Aaron and I also made our way up to Wallowa Lake to hike around a little bit and see the lake, even though it was pouring down rain :'(  I guess its alright though since my camera still isn't fixed. Next time time.
Well, hope y'all have a wonderful night and hopefully I'll be able to bring some awesome pictures your way soon. Until next time...