Sunday, February 1, 2009

Coeur d'Alene Resort: Part II

When we woke up the next morning, we got to see the view from the BALCONY!!!

We also had a mini bar. Bottled water was $4.50
A daytime view of our room with a huge mirror, king size bed, and flat screen tv.
Elphie liked the view too and enjoyed looking out the window like this
Our hotel overlooked the marina. It was an awesome sight to wake up to!
The resort also had a crazy-wonderful spa, a fitness center with a full-length pool, a bar/restaurant, a winery, and gift shop. In the spring it also has golf packages and more water-based activities. It was quite a luxurious place and can't imagine staying there for more than a night because it's just so nice and not something I was used to. Apparently, there are about 30 families who can live in the resort and there were available floor plans in the hotel rooms. I'm still in awe from staying there. To say the least, Aaron and I had a WONDERFUL time. I highly recommend going there and at least walking around the lobby. Oh yeah, and the resort has a shopping center attached, so you can walk around and check that out too. It was a pretty quaint town aside from that. Like I was saying, if you ever go there, check out the resort, get a massage (I didn't, but will if I ever go again), and relax in the lobby or take a wine tour. 


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Damn, girl! You're living the dream!