Monday, March 16, 2009

Sailing with Dolphins

Unfortunately, my camera is broken and I have no pictures of sailing with dolphins, but at work yesterday (I love saying that) we were about to finish sailing for the day when we saw some dolphin (the ones like Flipper)! I've seen dolphin from far away just popping up to say hi, but yesterday is the closest I've ever seen them! I probably could have reached down and grabbed their dorsal fin. I was chillin at the bow of the boat when the dolphin came up  to swim next to us and they came up within arms reach of the bow and did some somersaults in the water. They are such beautiful creatures and it was a great way to end our sailing day.

It's now spring break for many people so many college students have migrated their way down to the keys, making Key West a very crowded and busy place. Thankfully my crew's Key West day is today and not tomorrow-St. Patty's Day. Sadly, I won't be partying it up for the occasion, but there's always next year, eh?

I hope everyone is having a good Monday and that y'all have a safe and wonderful St. Patrick's Day!

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Emily said...

Too bad you don't have pics to post, but it does sound like an amazing experience!! Thanks for sharing!