Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Jeff City!

This weekend, Elphie and I made a trip to Jefferson City, and we drug Russell along with us. We had a great time visiting with the Stokes and did lots of adventuring in the outdoors.

We spent some time on the Katy Trail...

We went to Binder Lake...

We even went to prison!
...kind of. We had dinner at a place called Prison Brews. Very tasty food, good drinks, and a boccie ball court. Here are Maria and Anna trying on Russell's hat.

We also went to the state capital! We walked around inside, learned a lot about Missouri history and got to dress up in clothing that the settlers wore. Good times, indeed. Here's a picture of Russell and me at the back of the capital.

And, of course, me and Elphie at Binder Lake.

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! Enjoy your Cinco de Mayo :)