Sunday, December 14, 2008


It finally snowed here in my part of Washington! I'm super-excited because it's about an inch, if that, so its not bad to drive in, but its still pretty :) I'm also excited because I get to laugh at how silly everyone around here is acting because its snowing just a little bit. Last night at work, big fat snowflakes start falling very slowly, and one of my managers told me about because he knew I was from Ohio and I like snow. Well, it was really nothing, but everyone else that came through the store was complaining about it snowing and how it was cold (well, duh). Some of my co-workers informed me that people are going to start putting chains on their tires, driving about 25 mph on the freeway and most people will start stocking up on water, firewood and batteries and "hunker down". Apparently people around here want the snow to stay in the mountains. After work, I drove home very cautiously, in fear of some crazy Washingtonian will be driving too slow, or will think they can drive however they want because they have 4 wheel drive (IF they even know how to use it...eeek!). Of course I made it home safely and went to sleep. Well, this morning I was rudely awoken to my pup barking at kids sledding down the sides of the road. Since there was barely an inch of snow, the sleds were just grinding on the pavement, and Miss Elphie did NOT enjoy that one bit. 

But she sure did love seeing snow for the first time! I took her for a walk this morning, and she LOVED the snow! She was very unsure about the white stuff on the ground at first, but once she licked some up, she decided it was good enough to roll around in. After rolling around, then trying to chase the snow I was throwing, we went on a walk and Elphie barely picked her nose up out of the snow. She was very disappointed to come in the house after the walk and I'm not sure if she's really depressed about not being able to play in the snow longer, or if she was really tired. Maybe I'll just have to turn her into a sled dog! :) 

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