Saturday, August 15, 2009

Things that make me madder than a March Hare.

1.) People with a disposable income who bitch about losing $20 for something STUPID. If you set up an appt. with the doctor, dentist, and most any other place that takes appointments, you get charged for not showing up. The fee is usually no more than $20 or $25 (depending on where you live/go/etc.). So don't pull up in your brand new BMW wearing a Gucci watch and looking like you just got done golfing and bitch to ME about how you don't want to get charged $20. Seriously? Shut up.

2.) Creepy people that don't listen. You know those creepy people that don't take a hint when you don't want them to be around. Why must you be creepy and socially awkward?

3.) Child "harnesses" AKA: leashes. I know it's an easy way to keep your kids in line, in fact it's really not a bad idea. But having the attachment to your child look like a monkey and the leash look like a monkey tail?; there's just something wrong with that.

4.) PETA. I'm all for animals being treated properly (ie: not abused or neglected) but total animal liberation? Give me a break. Animals are NOT people. A dog should sleep on the floor. A cat should catch mice. Animals do not need to be carried around in Prada handbags and get pedicures. Find a more important issue. I dunno, maybe something like, getting medical help for people with AIDS in Africa? Or help build schools in Haiti?

5.) Ticks. You're ugly, you carry Lyme Disease, you hide in pet fur, and you make my skin crawl. Why don't you become distinct already?

6.) Fat people suing fast food restuarants for making them obese. It's your stupid fault for eating their food. They don't force it down your throat; you willingly purchase their discusting food. Take some responsiblity and quit looking for an easy way out.

7.) The Man. He always finds a way to sick it to ya.

8.) The banning of Prop 8. The solution to our economic problem is solved with this simple video (AND it's a musical!!!).

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