Monday, August 31, 2009

Sock Troubles

Last week, I decided to take some time for myself and hit up a local knitting shop (something I've been dying to do since I got my first paycheck). The closest shop to me is the Kirkwood Knittery, so I grabbed my wallet and drove on over, telling myself that I would only buy yarn for Christmas projects right now. I follow a few knitting blogs and most of those knitters waited until the last minute to get their knitting done last Christmas, so I decided that I would not back myself into that kind of pickle. I went in and only allowed myself to buy 4 skeins of yarn and after a nice conversation with one of the employees, I was invited to come back for their Thursday knitting night from 7-9. I had every intention to go back for the knitting night, but then I ended up falling asleep after dinner, so to make up for it, I knitted for the rest of the night...and got no where.
I had decided to try my hand at making a pair of socks; I've been wanting to since January and just haven't gotten around to it, so last Thursday was my night. I got pretty far and was just about to make the heel of the sock when everything fell apart. I had double pointed needles going every which way, some parts of the sock growing in size when others just stayed the small size they were and then it was over. I set down the failed attempt at a sock and walked away. Now I have to rip it all apart and start over or just leave the ruined project where I left it. But the latter is not me, so I'll be starting that project over again shortly and HOPEFULLY I'll have new socks to show for it sooner than later.

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