Saturday, February 13, 2010

Facial Hair February!

Ok, so I obviously don't take part in Facial Hair February, but I think it's a fun thing for guys to part-take in during this slightly boring month. Much like No-Shave November, men with the ability to grow facial hair do not shave during November, same with February. Gentlemen, liberate yourselves from your razors and let the facial hair be free!

But Facial Hair February was not why I wrote this post. Nay. I have started a kickboxing class. This morning was my first class and it KICKED MY BUTT. It took about an hour of my arms to stop shaking because there are muscles I used today that I've never used in my life (I don't normally go around punching and kicking people, believe it or not), and my arm still shakes when I hold up my cup to take a drink of water. I haven't hurt this good in a while! I figured it would be good to start now so that I will look awesome come summer time :) even though my instructor (a 50-something woman who literally looks like she might be in her 30's at most) told me I had nice legs (it's a start!). Come summer time, the rest of me should look great too.
Side note: I've had enough energy since the class to not have any coffee today. Yay endorphins!

[Mt. Rainier National Park]

The next reason I wrote this post is to officially declare a recent addition to my bucket list: I am going to visit every national park in the United States. It's definitely going to take a lot time to accomplish this goal, but I'm up for the challenge. I figure that I need to visit 1-2 national parks a year to keep up and visit them all before I croak. If I can take a big trip once a year, I should be able to hit up a couple of parks in one fowl swoop. At least I didn't say I was going hike all of them...

Until next time my friends...

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