Thursday, January 28, 2010

Shaping up!

I have purchased and have been wearing the Sketcher Shape-ups for a few weeks now, and they have been working fabulously! My posture is improving tremendously and I can can feel my calves and thighs toning up as well (beginning to achieve goal #1 for the New year!).

Believe it or not, that thick grey section at the bottom part of the sole is foamy! It looks like it's be tough and plastic-y, but nay, it is soft! The shoes are uber comfortable and I stand straighter when I wear them (see rounded heel in picture above) and now I notice how I am standing when I am not wearing the new shoes and I correct myself. Hooray for good habits!

I wear the shoes not only to work but also on walks with Elphie. Today's walk was a work-out! A brisk 23 degree day that felt like 14 degrees with the wind made me pick up my step a little to get my blood pumping. With extra "umph" in my step to keep me warm, the shoes also worked my calves and thighs to keep me warm and toned.

These shoes ROCK!

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Momma Maria said...

Oh my gosh! It works! Your feet are turning small and fuzzy already!!!