Thursday, August 12, 2010

Helllo from the Keys!

A week ago, I arrived in the Keys and have quickly started working hard and enjoying every minute of it!

Anyway, I got picked up from Miami and had a wonderful ride through the Keys and stopped to get some sweet shades on the way (as you can see above). The very next day, I picked up a crew and got to work! There has been much Kayaking, Snorkeling (at Looe Key, the 3rd most dived site in the world!), fishing, camping, and sailing. Our Snorkel day was clear and beautiful; many fish and a barracuda even showed up for lunch!

[This a parrotfish at Looe Key]

On fishing day, the wind changed direction, so not much was caught by any of the boats on the water. We were lucky enough to catch a Mackerel and a few Yellowtail Snappers. Fortunately, I'll be going fishing later today and I'm hoping for some better luck on the water.

Sailing day was also a rough one. The sailing itself was great because we had a strong wind, but there was a tropical depression that formed over the Keys so there was a lot of rain. And when I say a lot of rain, I mean a TON of rain. We could hardly see anything not only because of the storm cloud but also because the rain was so heavy. Thankfully the tropical depression dissipated and the weather has been back to heat and sunshine ever since!

[The better part of weather on sailing day. Yuck]

[Bridge fishing at sunset]

Speaking of sunshine, some of my coworkers and I hopped on board of a snorkel/sunset cruise in Key West yesterday and enjoyed an evening of laughter and beauty. Also, lots drunk people enjoying a booze cruise, for example: A college girl asked one of my coworkers if he was Guy Harvey (a famous artist in the Keys known for his drawings and paintings of fish and Florida wildlife). Oh Key West, how I've missed you :)

[Kayaking in the rain]

OK - So I wrote this post in two parts, and I just got back from fishing, and the weather was AWESOME!!! I'll write another post about the adventure after I get some work done! Until next time, friends...

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