Monday, October 4, 2010

October Update

Hey everyone!

I've been a terrible blogger lately, so here is a quick update on my life!
-I'm back to working TWO I'm a server and a receptionist and I continue to wonder why I ever went to college since my degree is doing NOTHING for me.
-I'm in the musical, Annie Get Your Gun, and I have landed the role of Dolly - Hooray!
-Went home last week/weekend and every day was action-packed. I went dress shopping with Christen, chilled with my padre and hermano, visited the piano bar and threw down with some awesome Island Mates (just to name a few activities).

[Elphie was pooped on the drive home from all the excitement that was Ohio]

-Went to my last Cardinals game of the season :(

[Some guy insisted on taking a picture of me with my camera and kept telling me what a "keeper" of a photo it was. Gotta love STL]

-Elphie and I went to the APA's Canine Carnival sponsored by Purina and saw a yellow Poodle (apparently there was a costume contest...)! Elphie did some tricks, got some treats, free food, and a new toy! A fun afternoon, indeed!

That's about all the excitement in my life for the moment. October should be a great month; I hope to go to a pumpkin patch to pick a wonderful pumpkin to carve and take a fun road trip, all the while enjoying the beautiful colors of fall!

Hope you get to enjoy the change of seasons as much as I plan to :)

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