Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Does anyone else know where the summer went? I'm still trying to figure it out...

Well, I figure that since there's only four more months left in the year, I'd better see where I'm at with my resolutions and get caught up!

1) My posture - I was getting a lot better with my posture, and yes the Shape ups did help! But now that I don't have to sit at a desk and am not stressed out about my (former) job, my posture has been just fine!

2) I quit my job! I have a part time serving job now and I've got some interviews for other positions, but I'm optimistic and think things will work themselves out sooner rather than later :)

3) My apartment! I now have a crib of my own (along with my roommate!) It's so wonderful being an adult with a place of my own! Although, once my lease is up, I'm going to have to find a place in a better neighborhood. The glass on the front door of my building was shattered yesterday when I got home....awesome. Generally, the new place has been fabulous and I can hardly believe I've been here for 5 months!

4) Now that I work at a restaurant, I've been around quite a few Spanish speaking people - so that sort of counts as brushing up on my Spanish, right? Si!

Unfortunately, that's about it. I did not get to travel to any new places yet, but I did have the opportunity to go back to the Keys for a much needed trip. I have also not knit any socks, but I have knit a purse and scarf! I will not have the opportunity to snowboard - it's just not in the budget anymore. And I need to volunteer at some point in the next 4 months. While I finish up on my resolutions in 2010, the next four months will be filled with excitement! I'm going to visit my dad and brother at the end of September for an extended weekend, I've got tickets to one more Cardinals game (SCORE!), I'm in the musical Annie Get Your Gun
(and I actually have a speaking role!), and then the holidays will be right around the corner!

I hope you enjoyed your Labor Day weekend!

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