Monday, July 18, 2011

A Less Than Ordinary Day

Today started off like any other day.

Work up, got ready for work, got in the car...and then I smelt something ghastly. Like trash, so I cleaned out the old potato chip bags and all the half filled cups of sports drinks and water and hurrily got them out of the car and headed to work. I thought the problem was solved.


When I got back in my car for my lunch break, the smell was 10 times more horrendous than this morning. I gagged. Finally, I shuffled around somethings in the back seat and lo and behold! The culprit:

3 pounds of (previously frozen) meat that had thawed and bled into the carpet of my car. Apparently boyfriend and I forgot about it on the backseat floor on Saturday with the busy-ness and excitement of our musical this weekend. But after 2 days of rotting in the heat, I am sad to say I'm not excited about cleaning this sucker up. I think I'm going to have to look into getting a smaller vehicle so I can't forget things in my car (this has been happening all too much lately, just not with food).

On top of the stinky car, I happened to forget that the board of directors were going to be in the office this week starting today. And I'm not a shabby dresser, but I'm definitely not a fashionista when it comes to work clothing, but I decided to be a little extra casual for a Monday and rock the flip flops (clean, sparkly flip flops, not the Kinos), only to remember upon my arrival that I should have tried to dress a little bit nicer. Eeek.

And one final note, when I walked in the door at home before getting ready to clean out my stanky car, I noticed that one of the 4 animals living in the house had left a present on the mat in the kitchen. Blah.

Had these things happened on a day when I was not in such high spirits or was busy busy busy and stressed, this would have been disastrous. Some how, I've managed to just keep moving along, and though it was a day that was much less than ordinary, it was not a bad day.

Happy Monday everyone!

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