Sunday, July 10, 2011

Pool Time!

So we got a pool. Saturday it was awfully hot and boyfriend I finally had enough, so we went to Walmart and got ourselves a pool. We filled the pool, started grilling, set a sprinkler and relaxed (until the mosquitoes came out and practically ate me alive...)

The boys enjoying the Cookout/swimming pool/beer/sprinkle combo

Elphie was not excited about the pool

We also got Elphie to join in on the pool fun, sans the doggie life vest. She was not a fan of swimming with the life vest in the river, nor was she a fan of our awesome pool. But as you can clearly see in the below video, she's fantastic at the doggie paddle in AND out of water, so I don't know why she doesn't like swimming.

For 20 bucks, we've gotten everything we've expected out of the pool. Life is good my friends.

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