Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Here's the scoop...

Like I stated before, I'm stuck in St. Louis for a few days until my adventure gets up and running again. So here's what happened:

Aaron and I got ready to leave Saturday morning. We had originally planned to leave Friday, but I was definitely NOT finished packing. We had taken my car in to Midas to get it checked out, so we figured the car was good to go. We packed up the car and headed out of town and were enjoying our drive. About 60 miles out, near Bowling Green, Aaron noticed something smelled funny and we needed to make a bathroom stop anyway. Aaron checked the transmission and the dipstick was bone dry so he put in a bit of transmission fluid and it was like pouring onto the ground. Wonderful. We then realized Midas suckered us and took my money! The Midas people told us the tranmission was nothing to be worried about, but the tie-rod and barrings were a MAJOR safety concern (the guy wouldn't shut up about how important it was to our safety to get these things fixed), so we trusted them (silly us) and got screwed in the process. THANKFULLY I have AAA and we got a tow. 

After much brainstorming, Aaron and I have decided to take a train out to Seattle, on which we'll be leaving tomorrow...at 6:35am. We'll be spending about 2.5 days on the train to get out there, but it's much less stressful and much less expensive. AND I've never ridden a train before, so I'm pretty stoked! And dont worry...I'll be taking many pictures :)

Until next time...

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