Monday, September 29, 2008

Mt. Rainier & Pike's Place Market

Hokay, so. Here is Mt. Rainier and Pike's Market. Those are some sweet pictures you might say....

Anyway, my first full day in the state of Washington was spent getting carsick on my way up a twisty mountain. The place is call Mt. Rainier and it's a really awesome place to visit. The mountain was pretty foggy while we were journeying up and I got pretty carsick, but the sun was shining and I got to take some really neat pictures, so the whole day wasn't a bust! It was really fun to just get out every 10 minutes or so and see a waterfall or new view from the mountain. And since I take lots and lots of pictures, I've decided to get a photobucket account where I can upload ALL my pictures for y'all to see :) I'll still post some pictures in the blog, but if you're interested in seeing more, just go to the side bar and there will be a link and you can check out the other pics :)
Yesterday was spent in downtown Seattle getting all my checked baggage (all of it got here safe and sound!!) and exploring Pike's Place Market. I had some cheese curds for the first time (also known as squeaky cheese-very tasty!), saw some really cool jewelry, saw the first Starbucks, went by the restaurant that's in Sleepless in Seattle, and got to feed some Seagulls outside the restaurant on Pier 54 (or somewhere around there...). Today has been spend buying insurance, job hunting, and attempting to consolidate my loans...GROSS!!! But in the next couple of days Aaron and I are going to be visiting his grandparents in Oregon so I'll have more tales to tell then :)

Until next time...

Photo Captions:
-Mt. Rainier (ps-this mountain can be seen pretty wherever I drive around's pretty wonderful!!)
-Waterfall on the way up the mountain
-At the top of a waterfall
-HUUUGE spiny lobster tail at Pike's Market...I wish I could have caught one this summer
-Feeding a seagull :)


Momma Maria said...

I'll take three of those lobsters, please.
Thank you!

Tim said...

Looks good. I saw Mt.Rainer during my trip to Yakima in early August. Never got quite that close. I'll have to check out more of your pics. I've been meaning to post mine from that trip on-line. Thanks for the inspiration, brosepth