Saturday, October 11, 2008

10 Things I've Learned About Elphie

1.) She's a little piglet. Elphie will devour her food within seconds of the bowl touching the ground.
2.) Her tummy does not like Wendy's food. Today we took her with us to Wendy's and let her taste some of our food (chicken nugget, beef, etc) and soon enough it came back up on the floor of Aaron's rig. 
3.) She looks like a hot dog when she stretches out on the couch to take a nap
4.) Elphie is a cuddle bug to the MAX!
5.) She's funny to watch when she runs. Little legs + long body = hilarious sight
6.) Elphie can fit in mailboxes.
7.) She is not a big fan of the flash on my camera, but I love taking pictures-especially of her. She'll learn to love it.
8.) I'm going to need some good winter clothing because my pup LOVES the outdoors. If she doesn't want to go in the house yet, she does not budge one bit. 
9.) Elphie has STINKY farts. No joke. it's gross.
10.) Last and certainly not least, Elphie loves me!! She follows me around wherever I, SO adorable!

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