Friday, October 17, 2008

Elphie 101

My dog is probably the cutest animal I have ever encountered in my life. After being a first-time dog owner for a week now, I've learned a few more things about my dog that are cute, frustrating, and hilarious. 

*Elphie will pee whenever she's scared. This is is categorized as hilarious until you're holding her when she's scared and then she pees on you. (That happened to me twice yesterday...) Then this is frustrating.
*Elphie is all bark, no game. If she's running after you in the yard, all you have to do is chase her and she'll give up and hunker down until you've passed over her. This happens with other dogs, people, and pretty much everything that is bigger than she is. But at least she has gusto! (cute)
*My dog and I love to sleep. I'll wake up after sleeping for 8 or 9 hours, take Elphie out to piddle, and then hop back in bed for another hour or two and Elphie is right there with me. What a loyal dog. (very cute)
*Elphie has become much more vocal now that's she's been around me for a while. Whenever she yawns, doesn't want to go to bed yet, or whenever she hears something she doesn't like, I know about it. The yawning is super-cute. But at bedtime when she claws at her cage and whimpers or when Aaron whistle terribly, she barks or grumbles. (hilarious!)
*ELPHIE'S TOUNGE IS CRAZY!!!! Whenever she yawns, it just crazy long and i just can't help but laugh every time she does. she'll sometimes even lick the floor on accident if she yawns while she's laying down. (hilarious)
*Elphie is not a big fan of hard and crunchy puppy food yet. I learned this after I bought a big bag of kibble for her. Aaron had to idea to wet down the puppy food with water and give it to her like that, and she LOVES it!  But the way he got this idea was from watching the pup take pieces of kibble and put them in her water bowl and then eat them. We thought she was just playing in her water bowl (which was funny on its own) but that fact that my dog was smart enough to take the food and soften it on her own, makes me love my dog even more! 

And the cute and hilarious clearly outweigh the frustrating, which is wonderful! I love having a dog :)

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Emily said...

She sounds so sweet!