Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Big Sky State

Montana. The Big Sky State. I'm chilling in a hotel room in Montana. Cool.

It's really not too bad. It's just a really small town. Aaron and I arrived in this small town in the evening on Sunday and I've been relaxing, job hunting, exploring the town (did that in about an hour), and have been knitting to stay sane. Elphie and I have not been having good days here in the hotel until today because for some reason she enjoying peeing everywhere in the hotel while she's on her way out to go to the bathroom. Today, she's been really calm and has not piddled anywhere inside the hotel, so it's been a good day. Score!

Aaron and I hang out when he gets home from work and we've gone out to the local restaurants (which have very slow service), tried to go to the hotel hot tub but it was filled with 6 middle aged men. Awkward., and played Mario Brothers and Duck Hunt! It's been a pretty good time. We've also done some adventuring including going to explore a dam that was about 30 or 45 miles away to discover that it was completely frozen. Pretty lame, but it was good to get out of the hotel AND we got to see hundreds of antelope meandering in a field. Last night, we explored the next town over and went to Aaron's work to look at some turbines while the sun set. It was pretty rad. Here's a picture from the turbine field. The mountains in the background where the sun is setting are in Glacier National Park.

My first few days here I've been trying occupy my time while Aaron has been at work and came up with nothing. Then I remembered that I know how to knit and played around with different stitches and color changes and I'm pretty excited to make some knit up some pretty sweet stuff. I'm hoping to make a hat soon, but most of the patterns call for double sided needles, which I don't have and neither does any store in this town, so I'm gonna have to make an 80 mile trip to the big city to get to a JoAnn Fabrics this weekend so I can get started. I'm so excited to knit more and get good enough to give my knitting projects to friends and family, I had a dream about it last night. WEIRD. I've been having some wicked crazy dreams lately and last night's dream went as follows:

I came home to find my family murdered (not my actual family, but a family that my subconscious made up as my own). Shortly after, the cops arrived at my home along with the Joker (yeah, from the Batman comics...), and accused me of murdering my family so I up and ran because I wasn't guilty (it made sense at the time). The Joker followed me as I hopped on the Amtrak and headed in the opposite direction of everything I knew. After talking with the Joker, it was obvious that he had murdered my family and I did everything I could to turn him in. I stopped in some town and managed to ditch the Joker so I could talk with the local police department and set up a scheme to capture the Joker. I remember it involved an abandoned old house, a grand piano falling on the Joker and lots of police backup, but don't remember all the details. Once he was put behind bars and I was safe, the police escorted me back to my hometown and a new family, that was ridiculously similar to my old family, but I knew them from school, or something. And I thought, "Wow, now I can FINALLY get back to knitting and now I have people to knit for because I have a new family. I'll start looking up patterns as soon as I wake up from this dream! Golly gee!". This is the kind of dream my subconscious has been cooking up every night this week. 

On a lighter note, I cut bangs for myself! It's still pretty cold and I've always had a big forehead, so bangs seemed like a fashionable and logical decision. I don't want to brag, but I think they look rockin, especially with my long hair. And no, its not nearly as long as it used to be, but I really miss my long hair and I'm excited that I'm getting length back. Hooray!!  Happy Thursday Everyone! :)


Momma Maria said...

I love the bangs!

Emily said...


And, uh...crazy dream...seriously, stop eating before bedtime, or start eating before bedtime, or whatever it takes to settle your mind down!

Thanks for so many cool stories!