Friday, January 16, 2009

Friday Night Update (Man, I am COOL)

This time tomorrow I will be on my to Montana to stay with Aaron for a while before I head back to Cali and then Keys! Aaron is actually riding the train back to here to Washington and he and I will be driving my awesome car to MT. I'm VERY excited to see Aaron, and as fate would have it, his train was delayed 4 hours. Hopefully it will make up some time tonight, but we'll just have to wait and see what happens tomorrow morning! 

I think my next knitting project will either be really awesome socks, a duckie hat, or a blanket. I haven't really decided yet. I guess I'll have to see what yarn I have left and how much there is (I have big feet!) If y'all have any ideas or suggestions, PLEASE send them my way! I'm still very new at this and would love any help I can get :)

You may have already noticed, but I revamped my blog page a bit. I found some pretty awesome art recently and decided to post it up. 

That's about all the news I've got for now. Happy trails and have a good weekend! 

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