Friday, January 2, 2009

Party like its 2009

I hate making New Years Resolutions. Most people, including myself, forget about the resolution by mid-February and find a new reason (spring break, Lent, a vacation) to follow up with their broken resolution. Because of this, I have never made a New Year's Resolution, until this year. And this year is the only exception! I have learned to knit and almost made an entire scarf until I messed the stitching up beyond belief and tore the whole thing apart. Now it is once again a lump of yarn sitting on my shelf. I enjoy knitting and would love to be able to knit things for my friends and family AND myself (I got a sweet book for Christmas with knitting tips and cool patterns. I have my eye on some wicked cool socks...) so I have come up with this resolution to get myself rolling. If I can finish at least ONE thing, it will surely provide the accomplishment and confidence that I need to become a knitting fiend! 

My New Year's Resolution: To start and finish knitting an entire something (sock, scarf, blanket, etc.).

Things I'm hoping to see in 2009:
-A "grown up" paycheck
-No sunburns
-Myself volunteering more 
-Getting rid of stuff I don't use (clothes, books, etc.) and not buy more stuff I don't need
-Living simply so others can simply live
-Keeping off the 10 lbs. I lost in 2008

Good luck with you and your resolutions! I'm gonna go start on mine. Until next time...

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