Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A Shopping Revelation

It recently sunk in that I'm going to Aaron's sister's wedding in 2 weeks. Since it's a very religious ceremony, I need to dress accordingly. Yesterday I was hunting around at Ross and found an amazing beautiful dress that was a deep purple at the top with a square "diamond" in the middle and as the dress continued down it slowly faded to black. Gorgeous and under $30. The only problem: the top of it was a very low cut-not skanky, but not "appropriate". So I spent the rest of the day hunting around the nearby mall, hoping to find a higher cut dress that was at or around the same price. I got nothing. After going to EVERY shop in the mall (there are quite a few, let me tell you...) that could possibly have a dress and trying on every dress that might have looked nice (even the expensive ones), I called it quits for the day in the actual retail stores. I later came home and hunted for dresses online and I realized the most peculiar thing; while searching the categories online, if the site didn't have "dresses", I looked under "dressy" and found many sites with jeans and t-shirts under that category. WHAT?! After 22 years of being told that jeans t-shirts are not dressy, they suddenly are? Maybe I'm just getting old, but I was very confused and decided to looked under EVERY category on EVERY website I visited, just in case the perfect dress was hiding somwhere. And voila! I found many dresses and skirts and other pretty accessories under the "Wear to work" categories. Who woulda thought?
Unfortunately, even though I found the key to more online options, I haven't found anything I'd like to wear to the wedding. I'll probably head out to Tacoma tomorrow and see if there isn't anything better over there. One can only hope...
Until next time...

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Colleen said...

Try bananarepublic.com in the SALE section. Sometimes anntaylor.com has some modest but nice dresses there too - they usually have a pretty good sale section.

Sometimes victoriassecret.com has some really cute dresses on sale and there are cover up options.

If all else fails, get a cute cardigan or blazer to go over the dress!