Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Meet Me in St. Louis

Colleen and I survived the road trip of our lives! After a comforting evening in Sioux Falls Best Western hotel, delivery from Ruby Tuesdays and Titanic on the television, Colleen and I slumbered a wonderful slumber only to be reminded when we woke up that we still have another day of driving left. Thankfully, it was our last day of driving! We woke up for a breakfast from the hotel, expecting a nice calm breakfast like the morning before in Billings, MT. Nope. That did not happen. This first thing I saw once I hopped in line for some coffee was a man in his bare feet. That sickening and horrible sight was followed by 20-30 large, awkward-looking people, pushing and shoving their way around a room that shouldn't have more than 15 people there at a time. I got bumped many times just trying to get coffee and cereal; not a wonderful experience to encounter first thing in the morning. My only solace in this situation was that I was going to be back in St. Louis by evening and would not have to shoved around by these crazy people with no shoes. Needless to say, we were excited to get back on the road after breakfast.

The weather served us well through the rest of South Dakota but once we hit Iowa there was nothing but construction zones and rain showers with vision no more than 10 feet ahead of you. Le suck. Though we thought the Iowa troubles were going to slow us down, but thankfully didn't hurt our travel time at all. After traveling many, many miles, we finally entered MISSOURI!!!! Hooray! I've missed te plentiful trees and shrubs along the small hills of this gentle, midwestern state.

We stopped in St. Joseph, MO at Subway for lunch and got back on the road as soon as possible. We also filled up our gasoline and that one tank got us from St. Joseph to St. Louis, so that was our last stop before we got home. Elphie was not impressed by Missouri and slept through most of it.

After what seemed like many grueling hours, we arrived! We got really excited when we crossed over the bridge in St. Charles over the Missouri River (that river has been following us for two days!) and were even more excited to be out of the car for more than a half hour. Day Four: Complete. Total Milage: 2,142.

And after driving through crap for countless hours, this is what God had waiting for me when I got back to Missouri :)

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