Tuesday, September 8, 2009

"You boys like Mex-i-co?"

No. It's terrible.

Neither Aaron or myself had been out of the country before today. Since his job has moved him so close to the US/Mexico border, we decided we'd go together while I was visiting this weekend. And it sucked.

The US border patrol laughed at us for not really having a plan as we entered Mexico for the first time, which may have been a bit foolish, but we just wanted to look around for a bit. The second we crossed over to the Mexico border patrol, they had heavily harmed military checking everyone's vehicles. Also, was a huge military transport chilling between the entrance and exit of Mexico with a machine gun and a soldier just staring out at everyone in the streets. Now, I've never been a big gun person, but I understand their purpose and think their appropriate in certain situations, but have never been around so MANY people that would have no problem shooting me if I did something they didn't like. To say the least, I was a bit nervous. Once I got over irrationally fearing for my life, Aaron and parked the car and started walking around Neuvo Progreso and it was more annoying than anything. Every step someone asked if we wanted a purse, or bracelet, or wanted pills from the pharmacy, or asked if we wanted our teeth cleaned at the dentist. FYI: Dentists, Pharmacies, and woven bracelets are a dime a dozen at the Mexico border. A good third of the people offering us things were to lazy to say anything (they were mostly children and old women). They just sat on the ground or held the item for sale above their heads and hardly even looked at us. It's like Chinatown but 10 times worse and in Mexico.

Here's us, not really excited about being in Mexico.

Aaron and I were hardly there for an hour before we felt terribly awkward and verbally accosted so we decided to leave. On the way out, the US border patrol officer kept asking if we had pills. Her end of the conversation went something like this:
"You guys buy alcohol? Cigarettes? Pills?...Where you from?...Where you staying?...You bring any pills with you?...What do you do for a living?...What'd you go to Mexico for?...You have any pills with you?...Well, you're clear to go...Wait!...do you have pills?"

This is us leaving and pretty excited to go, but still disappointed about the trip.

Defintely NOT the best trip to Mexico. I'm sure if we went somewhere not so close to the border and not so touristy with someone who knows the area better or just even knows Spanish better, we would have had a better time. Unfortunately, that didn't happen and our little thirst for traveling to Mexico has completely dissapated and we've left the country, so I doubt we'll be going back.

The rest of trip has been GREAT and I'll be posting about that later, but until then, be careful in Mexico my friends.

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Momma Maria said...

At least you didn't get Mexican Aids like Russell!! (Do you have pills?)