Sunday, September 13, 2009

Labor Day Weekend

Basic summary of Labor Day weekend:

-Swimming in the OCEAN!!!!
-Fishing: I caught 3 Redfish and Aaron caught a Redfish and a seagull.
-Catching up on Heroes and Flight of the Conchords
-Going to Mexico (lame)
-Trying a variety of restaurants including Logan's Roadhouse (So awesome!!!), a poorly managed Denny's who's servers didn't know what having hash browns smothered and covered meant, SUSHI, Jason's Deli (very tasty, but still healthy) and getting Alaskan King Crab at the Blue Shell
-Getting a "make your own sushi" kit
-Red, Red Wine. My favorite of the weekend was a Merlot from Chile called Obviously.
-Cheese to accompany all of the above wine. Yum :)
-Aaron J. (last, but certainly NOT least)

This stupid bird flew by Aaron's line and wasn't caught but got freaked out and kept wrapping himself in the line until the jig stuck him in the wing. Stupid bird. Aaron saved the bird's life by cutting off the barb of his BRAND new jig and pulling it out of the bird's wing. The bird flew away with a mere scratch and a new look on life! (probably not. Seagulls are stupid enough to get caught more than once in their lives...)
Happy to be at the beach
My second of 3 Redfish...had to fight for this bugger

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