Tuesday, March 1, 2011

February Round Up

Wow, it's March 1 already?
Where does the time go?

I figured that since February was such a short, yet eventful month, I'd do a little recap.

I started my big girl job and 3 weeks later am STILL liking it. The time flies by, I'm always learning something new and now, I'm even starting tog et the hang of things! It's like I'm a capable college graduate, or something.

I also got my first big girl paycheck! And there was much rejoicing!

I attended TWO performances of KTK's cabaret show this year. Very talented performers and though I wish I could have been in the show, I'm glad everything worked out with job. Maybe next year, KTK!

I started running! Yay...but now I need to keep up with it and I hope the hectic-ness of the upcoming month doesn't get in the way!

I've watched a ridiculous amount of cake and cupcake shows, and eaten my fair share of cupcakes as well! I look forward to baking and cooking more in the next few months :)

I finally finished knitting a scarf I started way back last summer. Now if only I could get myself to finish the blanket I start TWO summers ago...

That's about all for the Month of February. Lots of work and fun, but looking forward, March is going to be hella busy! There's a huge project going on at work that I'm involved in, Mardi Gras, St. Patty's Day, Christen's Bridal Shower, and moving (and packing somewhere in between the craziness)!

Until next time my friends!

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