Friday, March 25, 2011

March Break Down

Signs of getting old #20: I can only find time and energy on Friday nights and Sunday mornings to blog.

This granny has had a pretty busy month, thus far, with only 6 more days until April!! I would also like to point out that today, the 7th day before April, there was snow on the ground. Now I could understand if I lived near mountains, but I'm in the middle of the country. It's suppose to be in the 60's, not the low 30's with semi-accumulating snow! I guess the farmer's almanac was right (Sign #21 of getting old - I know what the Farmer's Almanac says about the weather).

March break down:
My car got broken into...during Mardi Gras, which happened to be a very cold, windy day. Yuck.
So here's what happened: Taxi'ing downtown would have taken hours, so I offered my awesome 7-passenger vehicle to drive myself and friends downtown to the parade. We parked in an open and free lot in a part of downtown that was ok, but had a steady stream of people around (or so we thought). We walked around in the bitter cold and amused ourselves by catching beads from the floats in the parade, I met up with a friend from college and walked around the city a bit, but after a few hours decided I could no longer take the biting wind underneath my 7 - yes, SEVEN- layers. The group reconvened and we decided to head home, stop at a pub on the way back for grub then finish the afternoon with some peaceful napping. As we walked back to my car, we noticed a car had been broken into so I said, as I begin approaching my car (and I quote), "I'm glad I have a crappy car cause no one wants to break into it." I stopped DEAD IN MY TRACKS because my passenger window had been broken in - glass shattered throughout my car; the glove box and center counsel rummaged through. While choking down bitter, humble pie I lost any and all words. I said nothing as I stared at my car for a good 5 minutes - not a thought in my head or a word to speak... Finally, my brain turned back on and remembered to call my insurance company while my friends called the cops - I held back anger and tears as I realized nothing was stolen so I needed to be grateful, but was honestly disappointed that I wasn't going get food or warmth for quite a bit longer. After chatting with the fuzz, my friends cleaned up the car, and FINALLY we headed home. At this point I was numb - physically and mentally. I don't think I'll be attending Mardi Gras next year.

St. Patty's Day, however, was a beautiful 80-some degrees and blissfully warm; if I didn't have work I would have been outside all day. Because I need to ear and pay bills, I headed down to Dogtown after work to hang out with friends to enjoy a holiday of my ancestors!

Christen's bridal shower was earlier this month and seemed to go well - it was a smaller event but it was a fun time had by all! Now I have to get to speech writing and bachelorette party planning! BTW - Props to all the Maids of Honor who plan showers with ice sculptures and all that fancy stuff and to brides who plan their own weddings - coordinating that much for hundreds of people while enjoying the process must be a difficult balance.

I also attended my 2nd ever Blues hockey game this month! Boyfriend and I went with some of my co-workers, got great seats and had a blast kicking some "Canadien" ass! BTW - Cardinal's opening day is March 31st!!!! I am SO excited for baseball season :) I'll have to go to more games during the spring to avoid the disgusting heat and humidity of summer baseballs games. GO CARDS!

And now...I crochet!...Kind of. I can start a chain, and begin to make rows, but I still mess up a LOT, but that's what I get for teaching myself. I started crocheting because I FINALLY finished knitting a scarf I started last summer and decided it was time to try something new. Unfortunately, I'm rediscovering more knitting projects I haven't finished as I'm going through all my belongings during my moving process so I might have to go back to knitting until I get my half blanket, partial bikini, and headless mouse finished.

I will say that I am looking forward to warmer, April weather with the hopes of hiking and/or fishing if weather permits, some Cards games and more consistent walks with my dog. Maybe I'll read a good book too.

Until next time, my friends!

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