Sunday, October 11, 2009

A note to the big (wo)man upstairs

I've have tried the following:

1) Praying
2) Going to Church
3) Getting away from it all
4) Job hunting for days on end
5) Kicking myself

And have still not gotten any kind of response, answer or enlightenment from the big G-O-D. My last result: Blogging. Maybe God's really hip and has my blogs sent to his/her inbox because s/he has subscribed to my KICKING blog...

Dear God,

Please hand me my dream job on a silver platter. With extra benefits on side, please. And no fries. Thanks!

Love, ME

Think that will get the message to God?
Me neither.

So if you, my fellow friends and bloggers, have any ideas on how to not hate my job and life - not that I HATE my life because I have food in my belly and a roof over my head, but it would be nice to enjoy my life instead of just wanting to sleep it away because I have nothing else better to do with it- PLEASE, by all means, help me out. It seems as though no matter what I try to change, I still end up in my room alone at night with my dog, wishing I was some where else with a real purpose for being alive. My life/situation is turning me into quite the pessimist and I don't like it! Any help to get me back to a happier, life-loving, more optimistic self would be GREATLY appreciated :)

Until next time, my friends...

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