Friday, January 1, 2010

Maybe 2010 won't suck...

Welcome to 2010!

[The most majestic sea lion in Newport, OR. He welcomes 2010, too.]

Hope everyone had a wonderful 2009. We're in a new year and a new decade, so it's that time again for resolutions, brand new starts, and blah, blah, blah. But before one looks ahead, one should look back and see what was accomplished and what still needs work. From last year's New Year post, I've actually accomplished quite a few of my goals. I got to see Christen, made it back to STL (for more than just a visit!), got a "grown up paycheck" (although I've left much room for improvement), and didn't get too many sunburns. I didn't do nearly as much volunteering as I could or should have, but then again, who does? And though I accomplished these goals, 2009 could have been much better. MUCH better. I got in LOADS of traveling, which is wonderful and one of my passions, but it's also been a hard year. I spent way too much apart from Aaron, my dad, and my friends who are spread around this great country. And I feel like I've wasted a lot of time trying to figure out what to do next. I still don't have a solution for what I should do next, but I have to figure it out soon before I lose my mind.

Anyway, so what needs work in 2010?
-My posture. I'm going to the store this weekend to get a pair of the Sketcher Shape-up's so I can improve my posture and work out my legs! I don't want to be a hunchback with celluite when I'm old.
-Getting a place of my own. As nice as it is to live with friends and family, I'm totally over it. I'm 23 and have too much crap to not have my own place. Even a tiny 1 bedroom apartment will do. I just need to get out on my own for a while.
-Getting a new job. I hate customer service with an undying passion. Undying. I also hate monotony, especially when it comes to my job. I clean bathrooms, I file files, I listen to the same people bitch about the same stuff and I'm going to lose it if I have to keep doing this much longer.
-Traveling to new places. Like I previously stated, traveling is a passion of mine, but I am tired of traveling to the same places over and over again. I need new horizons to follow!
-Knitting a pair of socks. Now that I've knitted my fair share of hats, scarves and such, it's time to move onto SOCKS. I've been wanting to knit a pair since I first learned how to knit last year and for Christmas this year I got a sock-knitting book, new needles and some other knitting books to help me along the way! Speaking of Christmas, I'll post a blog of Christmas adventures soon...
-Brushing up on Spanish. I'd like to say that I'll be proficient by the end of 2010, but that's a little far-fetched. I would love to be able to go to Spain at some point in the near future and acutally understand what people are saying and be able to communicate with the locals on a higher level than, "Where is the bathroom?".
-Learning to snowboard. I've been wanting to learn ever since I learned to ski and I think 2010 is a good year for it.
-Volunteering more. This will probably be on my list from now until I die. Everyone can use more help all the time.

Good luck to all of you with your resolutions and hopefully 2010 won't suck.


Momma Maria said...

Girl, here's what struck me while reading your post (Happy New Year, by the way):
You have SO MANY goals! I am impressed. Do you have any clue how FEW people even thought about what needs to change in their life this decade? And you have quite a few!
That shows something OTHER than your life stinks! It shows you are a person with drive who doesn't settle for the status quo! THAT'S the reason you aren't happy at a job that others would be perfectly fine with. It's NOT the job. It's NOT your room at mom's. It's that you want to build, accomplish, create, learn.
The flip side to that personality is a constant feeling of unease and unsettle...ness.
That's life, huh?

Kagalicious said...

True that!